With the RKS HQ quality we as a leading squeegee blade manufacturer are reacting to the ever growing demands of the screen printing industry world wide

Improved , especially for the printing industry the modified Polyurethanes allows RKS with the RKS HQ to produce a quality with in a product group that is demanded from and ever changing screen printing industry.

 - Improved for screen printing through fine tuning of the components that go to make up  the Polyurethane 

- Optimum controllability for the finished product  

- Highest possible usage in connection with the use of UV inks 

- Very high resistance when used in conjunction with solvent inks 

 - Best surface integrity  

- High resistance to swelling  

- Excellent wear resistance   

- Low distortion in print  

 - Very stable in differing temperatures

 - Extended time in print, especially when used with UV inks.

 - Increased squeegee speeds.

 - Perfect print results, and maintained print quality.

 - Reduced maintance intervals 

 - Less need to grind, refinish and change the squeegee, and as a result less need to stop the machine while printing.