The patented RKS CARBON S HQ squeegee is used today by customers all over the world who are looking for a high degree of reproducibility, standardisation and quality. Extremely high market demands in the industry require precision and efficiency to throughput defined parameters, especially when choosing the right blade type.




The RKS CARBON S concept meets these market requirements and also offers a variety of carrier support strengths and polyurethane specifications so they can be produced in the highest quality and efficiency.


With the HQ quality we react to the constantly growing requirement profiles for the screen printing industry in terms of solvent resistance and abrasive properties etc.

The up to 60 mm high Carbon S squeegee blades are mainly intend for mounting into a conventional squeegee holder with an aluminum shim.

The 95, 105 and 115 millimetres high squeegee blades are fixed directly into the RKS squeegee holder. Also by using the adaptor bar they can be used in a standard squeegee holder.

Non-standard blade heights can be made on request.

For such heights the priceof the next higher standard blade height will be calculated.

(e. g. a profile height70 mm = a price for the height of 95 mm)

The Carbon S is only available in the type 00, this means the CRP backing has an equal thickness through its height.

The squeegee is available in three different variations:

1. wall thickness of approx. 1,2 mm

2. wall thickness of approx. 1,7 mm

3. wall thickness of approx. 2,5 mm

6 mm rubber thickness: 65° and 75° Shore

8 mm rubber thickness: 55°, 65° and 75° Shore

The maximum length of blade that we can offer at the moment is 2800 mm.

The maximum length of Carbon S HQ that we can offer at the moment is 2600 mm.

Precut lengths are available on request.